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  • Mario X. Zamora


Updated: May 25, 2022

Just do it! Whatever it is that you have burning inside you that you want to do in this life. Go for it. Life was meant to be abundant, and to feel good by having fun! It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop! Focus on your goals. We are the master's of our own Universe and have the God given power to create, so lets Co-Create with God the best life possible. Use your imagination and vision to paint that life you want and start now, start today because you deserve it.

Get the energy you need, to be determined to succeed. Look up at the sky for any guidance you may need, and simply ask God two smart and simple questions: "What should I do next God?, What is the next thing I am supposed to do God?" these are vital questions that will propel you into the next level of success. You will get the answers delivered right in your gut, and you must trust your inner instinct because that is your guidance to fulfill your purpose. Last but not least my friends, you must, and I repeat, you must execute and deliver using your energy, your determination, your guidance that you feel inside and take massive inspired action. After about 90 days of doing this look back at where you were before, and then look at where you are after; you will see for yourself the power you harness simply and beautifully inside of YOU!

This is how you will always know that you are not who you are, you are always who you were. Meaning you have the ability to change anything and everything that does not live up to what you want, its that simple. The more things you are grateful for, the more your success will provide for you things to be grateful for. So, all in all, make sure you are setting yourself up to be limitless now, and your future will be blessed with so much Creation of the successful person you always were!

Let's GO!!! Time to get your Edge back! Just Do It!!!

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