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  • Mario Zamora

Eligibility On Loans!

This article puts together this guide based on a personal experience perspective and what the writer learned over the years. As always, this is only a good starting point and a way to do some preliminary homework before you get started with VA loans. It does not replace a knowledgeable broker, so make sure you research and find a great broker like MARIO X. ZAMORA!

To learn more about all kinds of loans, start with this article right here and learn more about it!

Also, do not forget to check out this link for a faster way to check details on properties:

Here is another link as well that can help you view rent prices and comps for any property:

You can also fill out these forms to join or inquire:

(Private Hard Money) (Invest Mastermind Alliance)

(House Seller)

(Cash Buyer/Investor)

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