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  • Mario Zamora

Wild Turn: Turning a Private Hard Money Loan into a Profitable Flip!

Many non-performing loans can have positive outcomes if—and this is a big if—the loan was originated carefully with equity buffers in place to protect your principal investment, among other due diligence executed by the lender before funding the loan.

This is also an excellent time to address that any private lender must have appropriate legal support to draft up the proper loan paperwork to execute your loan safely. (Just like we do!) Failure to do so could result in an inability to foreclose on the property should the loan default.

Read this article right here to learn more about this specific matter!

Also, do not forget to check out this link for a faster way to check details on properties:

Here is another link as well that can help you view rent prices and comps for any property:

You can also fill out these forms to join or inquire:

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